Sibelius Music Notation Software Coaching


“Scott is one of the best teachers I’ve had at Eastman. He is so articulate and knowledgeable. He could always answer any question and is extremely concerned with students.”

—Teaching evaluation by Eastman School of Music student


Encore Music Creations is pleased to offer individual tutoring and group workshops in Sibelius, the world’s most popular music notation program. Quickly create clean, clear, professional-quality scores. Sessions are flexible and may include any or all of the following topics, depending on your needs:

  • Setting up and formatting a score
  • Entering notes quickly and easily
  • Adding articulation, dynamics, and phrasing markings
  • Creating expression text, lyrics, and other kinds of text
  • Creating chords and multiple lines on a single staff
  • Extracting parts from scores with multiple instruments
  • Turning scores into graphics to export to other programs
  • Additional topics available upon request.


For over ten years, Encore co-founder Scott Perkins has worked as an independent music copyist and editor for publishers and journals such as Columbia University Press (Current Musicology), Cambridge University Press, University of Rochester Press, Boydell USA, Intégral, A-R Editions, and Harmonie Park Press, as well as for numerous composers and organizations. He also designed and taught a popular course in Sibelius at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY, for two years.

Read what Nazareth College students said in their evaluations of Scott’s Sibelius course:

  • “I have really enjoyed this class. The teacher did an excellent job at explaining, demonstrating and then reinforcing the material being taught. I really liked the way he organized the classes.”
  • “Wonderful teacher, has a great amount of knowledge of the course.”
  • “This was really a very interesting course. I learned a lot about how to use Sibelius, it’s very practical and useful information to know.”
  • “Originally reluctant to take this course (I’m technologically illiterate). I learned so much and actually enjoyed it. Scott Perkins is awesome! . . . I feel significantly more competent at Sibelius. I want to take another course with him.”

Encore Music Creations is based in New Haven, CT. Long-distance tutoring through Skype is possible. Please contact us for scheduling and pricing.